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Prevent the Intent

with Crime Deterrent Systems

Get the most out of your Cameras

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We are in the business of protecting your property by stopping criminals in their tracks

Get the best out of your cameras!

If you have been victim of any type of nuisance criminal activity contact us to find out about our crime deterrent systems that are professionally designed to stop criminals in their tracks. Protect your property from:


Commercial Property, Businesses, and Private Communities.

Trespassing & Loitering

Unlawful Disruption of Business, Panhandling, Blocked Walkways, Drugs & Alcohol Related Nuisances & Disturbances.


Construction Equipment, Gas, Auto, and Other Assets.

Side-Show Activity

Illegal Racing, Reckless Driving, and Parking Lot Vandalism.


Unlawful Residency, Illegal Camping, Hazardous Waste, Health & Safety Hazards, Parking Lot Occupancy Nuisance.

Illegal Dumping

Construction Supplies, Bed Mattresses, Hazardous Waste Materials, and Furniture.

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Get the best out of your Cameras! Call us for a security assessment.